Digital Transformation & Data Science



In 3 days, dive headfirst into the secrets of Digital Transformation and Data Science with leading UC Berkeley experts, and with Startup University partners.

  • Understanding digital disruption: its causes and consequences
  • Where organizations are driving value to avoid becoming commoditized
  • Success stories of embracing disruptive technology
  • Linking analytics with strategy and business objectives – applying data and analytics to reshape business models, operations, and decision-making processes
  • Integrate big data into marketing, supply chains, human resources, and other key functions
  • Personalizing customer experience – reframing customer value
  • What tools, approaches and platforms exist today and are in development – new models for understanding, connecting to, and engaging customers digitally
  • Scalability, automation, digital marketing, robo-advisors, data analytics, and more
  • Real experience in a real company
  • How it all comes together – investing in the right areas
  • Organizational structure, culture and capabilities – recruiting and developing data-savvy talent who can take your company’s data perspectives to the next level
  • Aligning stakeholder interests and helping traditional customers transform
  • Technology – build vs. buy
  • Next steps – success factors you should be mindful of