Venture Capital Academy



In 3 days, dive headfirst into the secrets of venture capital investments and deal making with leading UC Berkeley Business & Law experts, and with Startup University partners.

  • Learn the secrets and insights of the Silicon Valley ecosystem
  • Understand the Venture Funding Lifecycle
  • Understand the different steps of the Investment Process
  • Understand seed financing, due diligence, terms, and the deal process
  • Perfect the art of the valuation and understand its impact on deal terms and startup growth
  • Analyze what makes a good deal vs. a bad deal
  • Learn the key differences between convertible security and priced round term sheets
  • Learn Open Innovation principles and mindset
  • Learn from real Cases on effective and ineffective Corporate Venture Strategies
  • Understand how investing in new-born startups can help corporations innovate faster
  • Understand what it is required to launch and manage your own Corporate Venture Fund

  • Practice negotiating with startups in simulated exercises
  • Learn how emerging technologies will disrupt innovation
  • Learn how blockchain and criptofinance technologies will transform the future of Venture Capital